'Review ' of Safeguarding Systems and procedures:

Calthorpe Academy, Birmingham: Nov 2017

'Our Academy was in great need of improvement in regards to safeguarding and child protection, and being under special measures, was urging the Senior Leadership Team to act and demonstrate improvement rapidly. Working with Imelda, Positive Resolution Plus, has giving us an opportunity to rely on a "critical friend" able to challenge our thinking and practice in order to  provide a better provision for all our pupils. The input from Imelda has been scrutinised by OFSTED and judged as an excellent partner for the school.' Mounir Meghalsi, DSL

Safeguarding Training:
Designated Safeguarding Lead Training Testimonials

'Great to have updates in an engaging interactive way. A really useful day- thank you'  DSL Training Sept 2019 

'An informative session, well presented and relevant' DSL Training Sept 2019

 'Thank you for an excellent course that gives me a better understanding of what happens when a referral has been made' -Designated Safeguarding Lead Training Jan 2019:

Whole School Safeguarding Awareness Testimonials

'Thank you for delivering this information so well and keeping us engaged' Whole School Safeguarding Awareness Ss Peter and Paul, Wirral Sept 2019

'The training was very informative and a good insight into all aspects of safeguarding' Whole School Safeguarding Awareness Ss Peter and Paul, Wirral Sept 2019

'The delivery of training was very informative yet delivered sensitively' Bespoke Whole School Training  Pensby Primary Sept 2019

'An informative safeguarding course with clear guidance. Thank you' Whole School Safeguarding Awareness course Sept 2019

' A very good delivery. Authoritative but empathetic' Whole School Safeguarding Awareness- St Anselm's College, Wirral Sept 2019

'Very Clear and honest training to the point. Thank you' Whole School Safeguarding Awareness , St Anselm's College, Wirral

'Thank you for a very informative and in-depth training session' Overchurch Junior Whole School Safeguarding Training Jan 2019

David Waddington PGCE: Oct 2018: Evaluation of Whole School Safeguarding Training at Heswall Primary, Wirral : 'I have been attending child protection trainings for over twenty years, and this has been the most comprehensive, informative, and worthwhile by a measurable margin'.

'Thank you- very useful, informative, well paced and extremely well delivered'- Governor Training, Heswall Primary Oct 2018

SD, Teaching Assistant, Church Drive Primary School, Wirral (Oct 2017)-Delegate on Whole School Basic Safeguarding Training : 'The course was extremely well presented and sensitive areas were covered professionally but to the point.'

Headteacher, Church Drive Primary School, Wirral (Oct 2017): 3 Hour Whole School Basic Safeguarding Training

-' Imelda, thank you for delivering a detailed and informative programme. Staff feedback was positive and felt that I had provided them with valuable information.'

Mrs Gill Knapton, Deputy Headteacher, Brookdale Primary (Jan 2016):

The 'Whole School Awareness' Safeguarding Training provided by Positive Resolutions Plus has been considered the most up to date, in depth and appropriate training received by our staff.  The course provided information about different areas of abuse, procedures for recording and referring incidents and concerns.  Imelda’s knowledge of our LA and being able to link information to WSCB was highly beneficial. Suggestions made to us as a school about how to improve our practise were practical and quick to put into place. Teachers, TAs and Lunch time staff were trained in a friendly, professional manner; the information shared with them was clear and feedback from them was that they felt equipped to cope with situations that may arise with increased confidence.

'Whole School Awareness 'Safeguarding Course delegates- Jan 2016

Mrs K:

‘I feel really ‘up to date’ with safeguarding and providing the care and vigilance my pupils deserve’

Mrs B:

(The course Jan 2016) was ‘particularly useful in relation to new Wirral procedures’

Miss H:

‘As a student, it was all new to me and hoping now I am more aware of what to do in my future career and apply it if needed’

Miss W:

What was effective about the course-‘rating the ‘seriousness’ of situations about how concerned we should be and the discussion section’

Mrs G:

The information was ‘clearly linked to current legislation/procedures for Wirral’; Imelda created an ‘ethos/atmosphere of trust/respect for sharing'  within the training session.'

Mr E:

‘am more aware of the symptoms of abuse; am confident as to the procedures and more aware of the wider issues and the law as a whole’

Governor Training Testimonials
'Great- obviously a highly skilled and passionate trainer' : Governor Training, Heswall Primary- Oct 2018

'Most useful course I have been on as a governor, lots of updated knowledge and signposting to resources' Diocese of Chester Governor Training Nov 2018

'Very eye-opening, and I thought I knew a lot about safeguarding' Diocese of Chester Governor Training Nov 2018

'Very thorough and relevant course. Inputs updated to take into account current changes- very useful' Diocese of Chester Governor Training Nov 2018

'Very informative- added to my skills set and confidence levels' Diocese of Chester Governor Training Nov 2018

'Thank you for a valuable, insightful training in safeguarding, it's been very interesting'' Diocese of Chester Governor Training Nov 2018

Family Support Worker Testimonials:

Adrian Martin, Headteacher of Greasby Junior School:

‘The number of children requiring emotional support has significantly increased over the last few years and continues to do so. It is, therefore, extremely reassuring to be able to call on the expertise of Imelda Spencer, knowing that not only will she be able to work with a child as soon after referral but also that, as a result of the work she does, the child will be far better equipped to deal with the issues (s)he is facing. In short, Imelda is an essential member of our safeguarding team.’

Mr Burrows, Headteacher of a Wirral primary school:

 ‘Positive Resolutions Plus is now an integral part of our safeguarding procedure within school. The face-to-face support, expert advice and bespoke training has transformed the way we manage concerns about out pupils. As Head, I have peace of mind that I’m providing the very best support for my most vulnerable children’.

Headteacher, Irby Primary:

‘Mrs Spencer has excellent Safeguarding knowledge and has successfully supported our school in her role as an independent Family Support Worker. We have engaged her services in this capacity on a Service Level Agreement for the past four years.


Testimonial Sept 2020:
'Imelda Spencer is a dedicated and inspirational safeguarding trainer, who ensures that all who attend her training sessions feel fully equipped to handle any issues related to safeguarding. Imelda has been able to successfully adapt her training for the virtual world. Staff at my school all commentedon how interactive and supportive they found our recent safeguarding refresher training.
Imelda will always be my 'go to person' with any matters related to safeguarding'.
Mr Chris Mervyn, Headteacher, Brackenwood Infant School
RMT-Rhythmic Movement Training- Neuro-development Therapy

Mrs D, Merseyside:

My two children have both benefitted immensely from RMT with Imelda Spencer.


My daughter started RMT in Feb 2014. She suffered from severe anxiety and shyness and lack of confidence, which culminated in severe problems with writing as she progressed through school. She became worried, agitated and scared of writing and often refused to write in class, which limited her progress and meant that her handwriting and spelling skills were not being developed.

Imelda came to our home in the evenings after school and demonstrated the exercises. We practised them for a few weeks and then she came back to check on progress.

My son started RMT in March 2015 he had problems with gross and fine motor co-ordination and he also needed speech and language support. Imelda has showed us the exercises, these we found easy to follow and to fit them into the childrens’ bedtime routine.   


For my daughter, the outcome has been a huge improvement in both her confidence and attitude to writing, it is something she now enjoys doing and her spelling and handwriting have also shown great improvement.

My son’s gross and fine motor skills have also improved significantly during the time he has been doing the exercises. His reading, writing, speaking and listening skills and general co-ordination have all improved greatly.


Both of my children enjoy and look forward to Imelda’s visits. She talks to them about the exercises and makes them see it as something fun to do.  They both trust her fully and she gives them confidence to try new exercises. She has been incredibly supportive to all our family and her subject knowledge and background in supporting children with additional support needs has been reassuring. Imelda is a true professional and we had no hesitation sharing confidential information to help her to develop an RMT plan for our children.


I would recommend the RMT programme as a gentle therapeutic programme for children with a wide range of support needs and I would unreservedly recommend Imelda as an RMT consultant.'



SENDCo/ALNCo   Services

Ofsted reports for the school Imelda was in post as SENCO:

Ofsted Oct 2005

'The level of care is an outstanding feature of this school. This is a place where every child is valued and kept safe. This sets all children a good example and helps them to live up to 'Joy through Respect'. Staff know children exceptionally well and relationships are excellent. Child protection procedures are robust. There are regular, thorough assessments of each child's progress during the year. This close monitoring ensures that the specific learning needs of every pupil are met. Well targeted support from teaching assistants is particularly effective.-


Ofsted Dec 2008

'The headteacher provides a clear, strong direction for the school and is very ably supported by his senior management team in the successful drive to maintain and improve the high standards already achieved. Rigorous systems to check on pupils' progress and to identify any emerging underachievement or relative weaknesses in provision are very effective in bringing about swift action leading to good improvement.'

Extract from the 2014 and 2015 Ofsted reports about a school Imelda supported locally as SENCo:


‘Sharper systems are in place to record what pupils know already and what support is required for them to improve their rates of progress.’…because of meticulous record-keeping and much improved assessment that is accurate, teachers and teaching assistants are able to plan activities and appropriate interventions resulting in children receiving the support they need both from in school and from outside agencies.’