SENDCO /ALNCo SERVICES: Special Educational Needs and Disability (England)   Additional Learning Needs (Wales)




Half Day : £150

Full Day : £300

£50 per hour

Complete two week system transfer package : £2000



Available  Packages to Schools/Nurseries:


  • Half/full day new to role SENDCO/ALNCo mentoring/coaching sessions half/full day assessment of school SEN/ALN monitoring systems

  • Half/full day consultancy SEND/ALN paperwork triage/form completion  service

  • Two weeks for complete analysis, overhaul and  transference of existing school SEND/ALN system

  • Half/Full day follow up progress and monitoring visits- 3 yearly

  • Lead Staff Meetings/Training/Training Courses for Parents

  • Hour by hour support- SEND/ALN




  • Is your SENDCo/ALNCo overloaded with paperwork and admin tasks?

  • Does the paper overload leave him/her with insufficient time to proactively address SEND issues, therefore is ‘firefighting’ the consequence?

  • Does your SENDCo/ALNCo feel that he/she shoulders most of the staff responsibility for SEND?

  • Is your current SEND/ALN recording system too complicated and does it lack clarity?

  • Do your teaching and support staff also feel they spend too much of their PPA time on SEND/ALN paperwork?

  • Do you need support whilst in-role SENDCo/ALNCo is absent? Does your new-to role SENDCo/ALNCo need mentoring support?

Easy Win Solutions:



  • Create bespoke, innovative, simple SEND/ALN admin system in schools/nurseries for recording, monitoring all areas and levels of SEND/ALN- adhering to guidance in Children and Families Act 2014, SEND Code of Practice 2014, Additional Leaning Needs Code 2015 (Wales Draft)

  • The bespoke systems will include the following:

       ~ User friendly for Ofsted, Estyn SLT,   

           SENDCo/ALNCoand staff

       ~ System supplied to school/nursery  

          on USB with manual and tutorials

       ~ Reduction in risk of lawsuits for lost

          confidential paperwork

       ~ Reduces paperwork, SEND/ALN

          register and admin load

       ~ Releases time for more pro-activity,

          early identification and intervention

       ~ Develops whole school/nursery

          responsibility for SEND/ALN

       ~ Reduction of PPA time spent on

          SEND/ALN admin/cases



  • Support/cover whilst in-role SENDCos /ALNCos are absent from work; and support for new & existing SENDCos/ALNCos using mentoring and coaching approaches

  • Triage service for SEND outside agency report interpretation- plan for forward actions

  • Support with LA form completion eg ASPs, PCPs, IEPs etc

  • Support schools/nurseries during Ofsted/Estyn visits