SAFEGUARDING CPD (TRAINING) for Educational Establishments

safeguarding cpd (training) and services packages

  • All Courses are regularly updated in line with government guidance. 1:1, small group and whole group discussion

  • Interactive facilitation delivery: discussion of key points with delegates. Respecting the experience of the delegates

  • Delegate handouts, power-point presentation  audio clips/ video footage

Accredited Safer Recruitment 7 hours CPD (Training)

Face to Face or Online

*Accredited Safer Recruitment Consortium Trainer

'Safer Recruitment Consortium'- (NSPCC, Lucy Faithfull, CAPE, NASS)-DfE accredited updated Sept 2019 and April 2020 training materials (for info about course training dates - see below)

Online Zoom course 13th&14th July (Parts 1,2,3,4)

Email me or phone direct to book/make enquiries- see 'Contact page'

Face to Face:

(maximum F2F=12 delegates)

The Village Hotel, Bromborough:

14th Sept 2020

15th March 2020

28th June 2020

Whole Day ( 7 hrs) or 2 x  twilight sessions

Open courses

£100 per delegate

(nil tax) Lunch and all refreshments included

Upcoming Course Dates: The Village Hotel, Bromborough (9am-4.30pm)

**Safer Recruitment Consortium resources used ( latest update Sept 2019) by Accredited Safer Recruitment Consortium Trainer: Due approved course

Course Content:

  • Safer recruitment and the wider context of safeguarding

  • Prevalence of abuse and profile of abusers

  • How abusers operate within organisations

  • Features of a safer recruitment process

  • Planning a safer recruitment process

  • Making the right decisions: interview and selection

  • Setting acceptable standards of behaviour

  • Maintaining an ongoing culture of vigilance

  • Up to date training adhering to government guidance: Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018; Keeping Children Safe in Education Sept 2020; Guidance for Safer Working Practice for those working with children and young people in education settings- Oct 2019 and C-19 amendment 2020

Review of Safeguarding Systems/Procedures (Ofsted Prep) : WHOLE DAY £500  including a report

Internet Safety Workshop for Parents -90 parents max( Twilight or during school time- 60mins) £125 per session (schools can combine)


  • Recognise the benefits and risks posed by using social media, online gaming and the internet today

  • Identify how to access to ‘ThinkuNow’ website, CEOP website and other internet support resources to gain information about how to keep your child safe online

  • Identify how to report concerns to CEOP and other agencies about online abuse or about your child’s safety whilst using social media, online gaming or the internet

Basic Whole School/Nursery Safeguarding Awareness CPD (Training)

Face to Face or Online

Half Day (3 hrs) or 2 x 90mins twilight sessions

Email to book a course

£400 - for up to 90 delegates

(schools/nurseries can combine to split costs between them)

Email me or phone direct to book/make enquiries- see 'Contact page'

Course Content:

  • Main categories of abuse and neglect- definitions, signs/symptoms

  • Disabled Children and their vulnerability to abuse

  • Daily lived experience of a child/young person suffering abuse

  • Diversity Issues

  • Peer on Peer Abuse- including Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment

  • Child Exploitation( Criminal Exploitation and 'County Lines',Child Sexual Exploitation)

  • Radicalisation and Extremism

  • Risk from online world- CSE/Extremism/Online bullying

  • Grooming Process- CSE/Extremism, Prevent Duty, Channel Panel

  • Female Genital Mutilation- signs/symptoms/effects and mandatory reporting

  • Forced Marriage

      Gender- based Violence

      (against women and  

      men)-Honour-based violence

  • Impact of parental mental health on children

  • Whistle blowing,  escalation procedures, safer recruitment

  • Serious case reviews                 (outcomes re legislation)

  • Disclosures and talking to children

  • Area specific LSCB procedures(*) and the law ( Children Act 1989/2004 : Sec 17 and Sec 47) Early Intervention Strategy

  • Area specific Thresholds of Needs(*)

  • How to record and report concerns to DSL; Role of DSL

  • Area specific referral routes and paperwork (*)

  • Adherence to all legislation and guidance:

  • Legislation and Guidance: Children Act 1989, Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018, Keeping Children Safe in Education 2020, What to do if you’re worried a child is being abused 2015, Ofsted Inspecting Safeguarding Aug 2019, Safer Recruitment, Sexual Offences Act 2003, Teacher Standards 2012 and role of Governing Body; Chid Sexual Exploitation 2017); Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment 2017

  • Current NSPCC ‘How Safe are our Children 2020’ Statistics/Data

Managing Disclosures Workshop for Staff

  £200 per session- 90 staff max(90 mins) (schools can combine)


  • Recognise how best to support a child who might make a disclosure

  • Identify the types of questioning to be used during a disclosure and the reasons why some questions might prejudice a case

  • Recognise your duty to report a disclosure and why confidentiality cannot be promised

  • Understand what recorded information is required following a disclosure

  • Specific staff /parents safeguarding training/workshops INSET: Tailor-made to address needs identified following on from organisational requirements analysis, staff knowledge and competency audit: £200 per session 1 hr ( or 2 hr max)- schools can combine- 90 staff max Phone/email to discuss

  • Governor Safeguarding Awareness

  • Training (2 hrs max) £200 per school/ £200-400 per MAT depending upon attendee numbers


Designated Safeguarding Leads Training 

(7 hours CPD)

Face to Face or Online

Email me or phone direct to book/make enquiries- see 'Contact page'

Whole Day  ( 7 hrs) or 2 x 

sessions ( 2 x 3.5 hours)

Open courses: Delegates must have undergone Basic Safeguarding Training

£100 *per delegate

£90 per delegate for 2 or more delegates  from the same establishment

(Lunch and all refreshments provided at all venues- maximum F2F =12)

Face to Face:

Upcoming Course Dates: The Village Hotel, Bromborough (9am-4.30pm)

21st Sept 2020

12th Oct 2020

30th Nov 2020

18th Jan 2021

8th Feb 2021

22nd March 2021

10th May 2021

21st Jun 2021

5th July 2021

Course  Objectives:

  • Identify and examine the role and responsibilities of the DSL; and identify what is required in relation to record keeping, reporting and referring within the child protection process

  • Review knowledge about child abuse and the importance of effective safeguarding; and recognise barriers to reporting abuse

  • Demonstrate how to advise staff if they have concerns about a child's welfare or suspect abuse; and the importance of maintaining a culture of vigilance

  • Develop understanding of the Children Legislative Framework

  • Identify why 'Working Together' and the roles/responsibilties of schools/colleges and other agencies are crucial for effective safeguarding

  • Develop understanding of Early Intervention, Section 17/47 procedures and local procedures

  • Explain why allegations procedures need to be followed

  • Identify the importance of keeping a Single Central Record

  • Develop learning from serious case reviews

Course Content:

  • Renew knowledge of main forms of abuse, neglect, focus on CE: (CSE, CCE) and domestic violence

  • KCSIE 2020, WT 2018, NSPCC data 2020 ONS data 2020

  • Role and responsibilities of DSL

  • Trauma experience of a child/young person suffering abuse

  • Diversity Issues

  • Steps your organisation needs to take to look after the safety and welfare of children and young persons- culture of vigilance

  • Legislative framework for child protection and statutory compliance Children Act 1989/2004

  • Learning from serious case reviews and need for professional curiosity

  • Barriers that prevent children from reporting abuse; and how to overcome them

  • Emotional impact of safeguarding children on staff and how the DSL can support

  • Effective response to a child who does report abuse

  • Accurate recording and sharing information, confidentiality and the issues

  • Understand LSCB thresholds

  • Right decision making about next steps- in line with LSCB guidance

  • What happens after a referral into social care

  • Role of school/nursery/college has in multi-agency child protection process

  • Review your school/nursery/college child protection policy and procedures

'Pupil Holistic Wellbeing

Workshop- understanding trauma effects and 

developmental needs'

£125 for 1 hr (90 mins max) - up to90 people


'Ting': to 'Listen'

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