SAFEGUARDING TRAINING for Public and Private Companies

 All Prices inclusive of VAT

Travel costs may need to be discussed


3 hours duration: certificates and course materials provided

  • £400 for  up to 100 staff 


  • Open course: £40 per delegate

(minimum no. of delegates 10)  

3 hour session



Whole Day Designated Safeguarding Person Training: £100 per delegate (minimum of 8 delegates)


Whole Day  Training: £100 per delegate (minimum of 8 delegates)


2 hours : £300 for up to 100 staff



      Your Safeguarding Needs:


 Do your staff members visit schools, nurseries, hospitals to conduct surveys/inspections of buildings; install utility services, electrical and plumbing systems; or carry out any specific work?

The  safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults is everybody's concern. It is important that all of us play a role in keeping people safe and ourselves safe within our working environments. In addition to your staff requiring DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificates to correct level- by offering safeguarding training to all of your staff, you will be ensuring that they are aware of safeguarding needs for child/young persons/adults and themselves ; and will be informed aware about what action they can be take to help to safeguard others and themselves.


Training Courses:

  • Half day ' Basic Safeguarding Awareness'  training for all staff- owners, directors, managers and employee-

  • Open courses-minimum number of delegates- 10

  • Designated Safeguarding Person Training ( full day)

  • Bespoke safeguarding courses on specific areas of need following on from staff audited needs

  • Safer Recruitment Training (full day)

  • Join with other companies/organisations to share costs


Courses Include:

  • Topics: Topics: abuse/neglect/child exploitation/radicalisation/extremism/ vulnerabilities of the disabled/safe guarding company workforce/safer recruitment; and the recording and reporting procedures in line with government legislation, Local Safeguarding Children and Adult Boards and company procedures and  policy. Ensuring everyone is aware that safeguarding is 'everyone's responsibility'


  • Stress the importance of recording, monitoring reporting and referring concerns; how to deal with disclosures

  • Ensures delegates are aware of who advises about safeguarding concerns within your company/organisation and his/her role

  • Includes information about all relevant legislative information including: 'Children's Act 1989', ‘Working together to Safeguard Children 2018’; 'Keeping Children Safe in Education-2020" ;‘Social Services and Well-being Act 2014’(Wales),’Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015’; Care Act 2014; Human Rights Act 1998., Mental Capacity Act 2005, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards.

  • Courses instruct delegates about current LSCP ( Local Safeguarding Children Partnership/ Adult Procedures procedures and Multi-Agency Safeguarding  referral routes;

  • Courses are interactive, using 1:1, small group and whole group discussion

  • Interactive delivery; discussion of serious case review information

  • Delegate handouts, power-point presentation and video footage, certificates

  • Also offered is the review of company/organisation safeguarding recording systems

Videos: Awareness of safeguarding for children and vulnerable people

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