'One off' Family Support Cases
Cost: £450 per case
  • The duration of the intervention is entirely dependant upon the needs of the child/family- there are no time limits
  • Procedures and protocol will be followed as per 'Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015' and Keeping Children Safe in Education, 2016', 'Information Sharing'and all other national and local guidances
  • Supervision with Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead/Pastoral Lead
  • Risk assessment by schools will be carried out as part of lone worker agreement requirments for home visits
  • A local safeguarding children board 'Thresholds of Need' form must be completed by school for each child
  • A local safeguarding children board 'Thresholds of Need' form is the baseline for initial assessment of need. This will be reviewed at regular intervals by school and Imelda whilst intervention in in place.
  • Confidential/need to know regular updates will be given to school

.Please email if you would like to book courses, ask any questions or  arrange a visit/telephone call to further discuss services listed

Information Sharing and Retention of Records

Positive Resolutions adheres to the information sharing guidance as per Children Act 1989 & 2004, Working Together 2015/18 and Information Sharing 2015

  • Information about case progress is shared regularly, in a timely manner with SLA schools both verbally and in writing. In TAF cases, for which Imelda acts as a lead professional, all TAF minutes are sent to the Early Help Team via the secure email and to relevant schools.

  • Parents/Carers are made aware about the need to share information with school, Early Help or Social Services as appropriate as per all guidance as listed above. Parents are asked to give their consent.

  • Should Imelda require supervision about any cases, she discusses cases as appropriate with the SLA headteacher, Integrated Front Door Advisers and locality social workers.

  • Imelda has sought the advice of WSCB concerning retention of records

  • Positive Resolutions , after sharing information appropriately with schools, retains case records in a secure manner for 1 year after level 2 intervention has ceased; and for 3 years after TAF cases have closed. Parents/carers are verbally advised about this.

  • It is the school's responsibility to transfer to receiving schools, any pupil information previously shared by Positive Resolutions. This information forms part of school child protection/safeguarding records and should be transferred together with school files.

  •  When GDPR 2018 comes into operation, all parents/carers who agree to intervention will be asked to sign an agreement for personal data to be stored securely for 'public interest'- safeguarding purposes.  

  • Parents/Carers are aware that personal data will be retained by Positive Resolutions for the duration of the intervention and for:

  • 1 year after Level 2 intervention has ceased or

  • 3 years after TAF case closure and case no longer at Level 2

  • Records will be securely and safely disposed of- they will be shredded.