Courses/Services offered by Imelda



 1. Designated Safeguarding Leads  Training (new to role and experienced), 'Safer Recruitment' Training (CPD), Whole School Safeguarding Awareness' CPD (training), 'Thresholds of Need and Tools for Assessment', Parent Internet Safety Awareness Workshops, Staff Internet Awareness Training Workshops, and any Bespoke safeguarding CPD( see 'Safeguarding Training for Schools' tab in the 'More' section) 

As a Safeguarding Trainer, she has NSPCC  CERTIFICATION: 
 'Competency in Child Protection Training. Imelda has successfully provided training to many Wirral and other local authorities; and continues to be chosen and trusted by Wirral headteachers and other organisations in UK.
Positive Resolutions Plus training packages include procedures of  Local SCPs; and requirements and guidance contained in 'Working Together to Safeguard Children-2018', 'Guidance for Safer Working Practice' Oct 2019,  'Keeping Children Safe in Education-2020 ,  'Inspecting Safeguarding in Early Years, Education and Skills Settings' 2019 and Prevent Duty. The training aims to 'build capacity' within the school community to maintain, develop and enhance their safeguarding knowledge, confidence and skills  so that they can effectively safeguard all pupils, staff and adults within the school community in accordance with school, local procedures and the legislation and government guidance. Positive Resolutions Plus ensures that specific LSCP procedures are incorporated into safeguarding courses.
Imelda is a registered, accredited Safer Recruitment Consortium Trainer, delivering Safer Recruitment Consortium accredited training materials (NSPCC, Lucy Faithfull, CAPE, NASS).
All  safeguarding training courses delivered are  considered to be comprehensive, up-to-date, interactive and extremely thorough ( see testimonials page)
Delegates (whole school/nursery staff and parent helpers and personnel from organisations) feel extremely well equipped with essential knowledge to successfully safeguard the children in their care. Imelda, is highly experienced and has acted as lead professional in TAF cases so therefore fully understands Local SCP referral procedures. She understands and appreciates any  concerns that school/nursery staff may have about safeguarding; the course enables discourse and discussion about all topics. It is through discussion, that clarity of safeguarding understanding can be achieved. It is essential that whole school/nursery staff  and personnel from organisations feel competent and confident; and are well equipped to carry out their duty to safeguard children.
2. Whole School Safeguarding Audits
Imelda ensures that she carries out in-depth audits as a 'critical friend' adhering to the Ofsted frameworks and current legislation.
3. Safeguarding Advice
Imelda acts as a safeguarding consultant to schools and organisation, drawing upon her vast experience in the filed.